Sep 28, 2010

Sept 6 - Astro Love Match (Funny Stuff!)

Cancer (Me)

and her sexual self

A Cancerian woman aptly reflects the archetype of Mother. By nature she is very caring and nurturing, with an abundance of love and kindness.

It goes without saying that she is an excellent parent. She is very house proud, since her home and family are the most important focal points in her life. She is an excellent cook and is at her happiest preparing meals for her family.

As a water sign, she is sensitive, emotional and vulnerable and has a knack of bringing out other people's protective side. Soft on the inside, she retreats from confrontation and is easily hurt and upset. It may be days, weeks even, before she plucks up the courage to venture out of her shell again.

She is such a wonderful caretaker that you may have to remind her from time to time that, as her partner, you are not one of her brood. Encourage her to take art lessons, since she may neglect her creative side in favour of domestic duties.

Water plays a significant role in her life and you might have to wait your turn as she soaks in the tub. Don't be alarmed if she gets a little crazy around full moon, she is only honouring her mysterious feminine side.

Sagittarius (Maritz)

and his sexual self

The first thing that strikes you about this man, is his positive attitude and his optimism. He always tries to look on the bright side of things and see the silver lining of every dark cloud.

By nature, he is warm and generous, but insists on his freedom to do exactly what he likes. This is not to say that he is irresponsible, but secretively he is afraid he could be missing out on something. He loves to live life to the hilt and yes, he tends to do things in a big way.

Some people may call it exaggeration and going over the top, but he believes in giving everything his best shot.

As a result, he often has many irons in the fire and tends to overstretch himself at times. Fortunately he has abundant energy.

He has a great sense of humour and can indeed be very funny. You have probably realised that you cannot stay cross with him, especially not when he gives you that naughty smile.

He loves to socialise with his mates and is always the last to leave the party. Remind him gently of the consequences of his excesses, but then again does he not spoil you and his children, very lavishly? He means well, even though he can be too honest at times.

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