Sep 22, 2010

July 1 - Forgiveness & Healing Hearts

I love her. She's my friend.
I miss her. She's my friend.
I forgive her? She's my friend?

I sent my friend a message. The one who asked me never to contact her again. I swallowed my pride and prejudice and I made the first move. I know full well she's the one in the wrong. I know full well that I need her to realize what she did and to apologize to me, honestly. I know that it hurts not to understand where I went wrong. But I also came to realize that if I don't do something about how I am feeling, no one else will. How long was I going to wait for her to contact me? Sitting. Waiting. Patiently. How long was I going to live with the loss of a friend, without doing all I possibly can to make it right again? If not for making it actually happen, but just knowing that I tried?

I sent my friend a message. She didn't reply. We went out on a limb and invited her, by email, to the braai (BBQ) we are having with all the friends, on Saturday. She read the email. She replied. She misses us. She would love to come. She needs to talk to the boyfriend. She is sorry. We told her we'd put the past behind us, and to please join us. She replied.

She apologized. Sincerely. She screwed up. Her boyfriend is so domineering. She thought she didn't need her friends, she only needed him. She was wrong. We have always been there for her when she needed us, as good friends tend to be, and look what she did - Fcuked it up. Will we be able to forgive her for all she's done? Today she is the one crying over her friends... (All her own words by the way)

Can I forgive her? I think so. Can I forget? Maybe. Can I move on and be her friend again? Yes. I know her. She has a good heart. She is a good person. I love her. As I do my other girl friends. I've been through this before. With another friend. We can move on. We can get past it. I know we can.
I am so happy dear readers! I feel like a mountain of weight is being taken off my shoulders. I feel relieved. I feel elated. I feel... good. It feels like a piece of my heart is healing. That big black hole that she left when she walked out of our lives, is healing. I hope it stays that way...

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