Sep 22, 2010

June 29 - 11 Days and counting

11 Days. Then I'll be packing my bags and going on holiday for a week! I can't wait. Really. You have no idea how much I need this. Yes, I'm sure other people need it more than I do... but I need it too. I can't handle my job anymore. Not because it's too hard or too much or anything of sort, but because it's too boring, too easy and too annoying. I have absolutely no motivation for work anymore. None whatsoever. I'd rather die. And that's no lie. My job is draining me of any motivation I have left in me. For anything. I feel drained. By doing nothing at all. Is that even possible?

A little background: I distribute medical products to hospitals in South Africa. I work for a warehousing company that distributes for a big international medical company, as well as other companies (in the other departments of course). When I started here, the department was in a horrible state, to say the least. There was no systems in place, no schedules, no filing system, no electronic system, no tracking or anything of the sort. I started from scratch and did everything myself. My manager at the time, realizing that I'm catching him out on (big) mistakes he made while in his post, just decided to pack up and leave one day without notifying anybody. He didn't even resign, he just left. Never came back. I ran the department on my own (with the help of the guys working in the warehouse working with the stock and the picking and packing of course, as well as the supervisor who started work 3 months after I did). Finally, after 2 months, I got a new manager (without the thought of promoting me, of course). I trained him, showed him the ropes, and left him to do his job. He's good at what he does, work wise, but definitely not people wise. He has no people skills whatsoever. You can't have it all, can you?

Through the two and a half years I've been here, I have had one of my best friends come and work with me in my department (her department closed down), forcing me to create "The Idiot Proof Guide to Maryke's Job" Manual. It turned out to be 70 pages. Just to show another person how to handle the department. When to do what and how to file and capture what and where. Sounds complicated, I know, but believe me, at the end of the day, the system I have going, makes life a lot easier. Especially when customer service phones and makes life hard for you trying to find out where a specific product was delivered because there is a patient lying on the table, bleeding to death. Very Grey's Anatomy I tell you! Emotions run high some days, and you have to be able to give very quick answers.
After my best friend left for maternity leave and never returned to work, I ended up with another girl as a temp in my department, Hayley. I had to train her right from the start, and we ended up not getting along. At all. She is older than I am and seems to have a problem with my authority over her, and the way I do things in my department. Well imagine that?! Get over it sweetie. My way or the highway. After Hayley was moved to another (brand new) department (with a lot of opportunities. which I wasn't considered for because they can't afford to lose me in the department I am in.), I ended up with Lynette. She is over 10 years older than I am, and yes.. not happy with my (younger) authority. She has caught on rather well, by now. We tend to stay out of each others hair, don't talk much and feign friendliness. It's awesome.

Here's the problem...
I didn't have enough work to begin with. For myself. I got the department in such a condition that queries were sorted out quickly, no filing or admin was left undone and I had all the answers (still do). My work gets done fast and efficiently, and nothing is ever outstanding. I like it that way. I can't handle tardiness or laziness. I can't handle it when someone asks me something over and over and over again. I can't handle it when someone screws something up that I taught them and that they presumably know how to do. It irritates me. It annoys me. It's frustrating me beyond words. Anyway - Now, I have to share what little work I have to do. I was bored before, when I was running the administration alone, but now - I'm bored beyond comprehension. Which, in turn, makes me bitchy, irritated, annoyed, unfriendly and distracted. Explains why a lot of my blogging and stumbling on the net happens when I'm at work. Because I (really) have nothing better to do. I'm not allowed to work on my studies or work on my laptop because it's during company time. I am, however, allowed to be on the internet and blog and no one says anything about it. (Believe me, I need the study time much more than the blogging time. I'm only able to do what I want, i.e. studies, during my lunchtime, which is an hour and fifteen minutes long.)
If you're anything like me, you'll know how frustrated I am and how unhappy I am with my work (and life) at the moment. Well, for a long time now. Another reason why I'm studying further. I need this mini holiday. I'll only be gone a week but I really need it. I swear I'll switch off my cellphone so no one will be able to reach me!

Goofy (an ex of mine) and I
are going to Kwazulu-Natal for that week. We're going to visit a friend in Pietermaritzburg for one night then we're heading to Amanzimtoti to visit another friend. We're hoping to go to Margate on the 14the of July and party the night away over there, hopefully staying over in a guest house there, because my birthday is the next day. Once we've recovered, on the 15th, I want to go to uShaka Marine World and hang around there and see everything I can, I also want to do the Shark Cage Diving or do the Ocean Walker Experience. It's really not expensive at all! (We're going on a budget okay!) So any one who asks... I want money for my birthday! =D Heehee!

Where do you think I'll be able to conjure up a swimming costume in the middle of the South African winter? (Let's not talk about the shape of my body or the 'daughter-of-the-milkman' tan I have going on!)

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