Sep 27, 2010

Sept 6 - I don't like Mondays

I don't see how anybody can like Mondays. After a weekend, aka 2 days with no work (hopefully), why would you like going back on Monday? Maybe you sniff your socks or something, I don't know. Just keep it to yourself

I had an alright weekend, thank you for asking. Not that you care. Friday night was spent with good friends and good food. Saturday, Maritz and I had a massive fight. Saturday night we went out with friends, just to leave early. All dressed up and nowhere to go. We went home. Sunday I went on a 6km hike with friends in the beautiful nature reserve close to home, got sunburn, had my first swim of the summer and had a braai. I loved it! (Apart from the close-to-migraine-headache that I suffered last night. But it's all good.)

How was your weekend Dear Readers?

1 comment:

Raj said...

because u r raring to go. and every monday you are doing exactly what you wanted to. want to. :)