Sep 22, 2010

July 5 - Dear Mr Sandman

I think you are giving me the wrong stuff. You know, the stuff you give people at night to make them sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite? The stuff that makes people have sweet dreams and a good nights rest? I think you gave me the wrong ones. You mixed mine up with some @sshole's stuff. I can't think that I am that @sshole... Am I?! I like my sleep okay? I like sleeping. I like dreaming. It's usually entertaining. But nightmares?! I don't like them that much. If at all. I think the majority of people out there don't like nightmares that much. Or am I alone in this? I think not. I hope not.

Last night, or rather this morning, you gave me this very disturbing dream, right before I had to get up for work, of myself leaving home that morning, on my way to work, and finding my car's ENGINE missing!! Gone! Stolen! Half the car taken apart! I mean - What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you find it amusing that I got the fright of my life? Almost like the time my whole car was missing? (Stolen) Do you find it entertaining that I just sat down in a bundle of nerves and bawled my eyes out? Do you find it funny that I woke up crying?!

I didn't think it was funny. Not even close. I know I'm on my nerves about this vacation coming up, but was that really necessary?! I know my car is not the best car around or the most reliable, but I really really really need that little car to drive me a minimum of 1000km in a weeks time. I can't handle the engine being stolen okay?! I can't handle anything going wrong. I want this vacation. I know it's not much and very far from a luxury trip, but at least it's something. Just rather give me dreams about how awesome it's gonna be! That can work. Be positive. And don't look for entertainment in my nightmares! Urgh!

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