Sep 22, 2010

July 28 - July Natal Holiday Part One

July 10

Myself and my ex-boyfriend friend went to Kwazulu-Natal for a whole week, over my birthday, to celebrate and to relax. We both desperately needed some time away, and seeing as we've been spending a lot of time together rekindling the flame, getting along as awesome as always, we decided to put our money together and go on a mini vacation. We slept over in Pietermaritzburg on our first night, visiting a friend I hadn't seen in 8 years. We (obviously) couldn't stop talking from the moment we got there, two girls who haven't seen each other in years have a lot to catch up on! And she is now married with a baby so there's even more to talk about. Poor Maritz (the friend) hardly got a word in sideways! LQTM!

July 11

The following day, Sunday, was spent mostly lazying about. We left for Amanzimtoti, Natal, at around 13H00 that afternoon, where we spent the rest of the week at a close friend's house. Although we had to sleep on a couch-bed in the living room the whole week, we still enjoyed it. It was great seeing my friend, she is engaged, they have a 9 month old baby, and they decided about 4 months ago to pack up their things and relocate. She moved about 600km's away from me. We still talk often enough but we used to spend so much time together before she moved that we tend to miss each other, a lot. The first night we got there, after relaxing and catching up for a while, we went out to watch the last soccer game of 2010. Sad times. LQTM! (Can't believe Spain won?!)

July 12

On Monday, we just stopped by the shops quickly, got something to eat and went straight back to the couch-bed to watch movies. Useless! =D Hehe!

July 13

Tuesday was spent with my friend Shannyn (the girl we were visiting and who was so kind as to give us free 'accommodation' for the week - she finally got off work), her daughter (9month old Teneal) and Maritz, going to shops and of course going to my favorite place in the world, Umdloti, just for the plain fact that I grew up there and that some of my best childhood memories were made there.
We had so much fun on the beach, which is a miracl
e because it's actually winter in South Africa. The Natal coast has awesome weather! We climbed over the rocks and took some random pictures, camera stuck to us of course, played around on the rocks, on the beach and in the waves.
Later that day we drove through Durban and went to visit a friend of my grandmother before we headed home. It was so nice seeing her! (I've known her my whole life).

That night, we just went out for dinner at RJ's around the corner. Romantic. Quiet. Fun. Just Maritz and I. I loved it!

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