Sep 22, 2010

July 30 - July Natal Holiday Part Two

July 14

Wednesday I let Maritz sleep in for a while, and woke him up later for a road trip. I wasn't sure where we were headed but we were planning on ending up in Margate that night, so we hit the road at around 11am and took a drive down the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal, starting at Amanzimtoti of course. We
turned left at every off ramp we could find, as every one of them headed straight for the beach. We parked the car, had a stroll on the beach, played and climbed around on the rocks and took photo's along the way.

At one specific beach (Ifafa, if I remember correctly) we spent quite a bit of time, as we went for a swim as well. It was a very quiet beach, with fishermen on the rocks in the distance. We had a great time playing on the rocks and taking photo's, as we were half inhebriated by that time as well. Finally, along Ifafa beach, we found a tidal pool, where the waves wash in o
nly at high tide and during low tide it's like our own little private pool.
I was wearing my (favorite) jeans, bikini bottoms, a bra and a T-Shirt top. He was wearing his swimming shorts and a T-Shirt. As we ended up swimming in the tidal pool... I ended up getting half-way undressed. I didn't want to wet my bra okay?! =) But it was so much fun! We played around like children... and more!

When we got back to the car I had to get dressed in a different pair of pants, as I didn't want to wet my jeans before we went partying that night (my bikini bottoms were wet from the swim and we had no towels), I also put on a black tank top that was really comfy... and off we went to the next place of interest!

We had a lot of fun, sang really loudly along with the music in the car and laughed our stomach's sore!

At Hibberdene, a small town along the coast, we stopped to use the bathroom and made a quick stop by the beach, and I mean - a really quick stop (The beach wasn't interesting at all). And you know when you make a really quick stop you tend to leave things in the car because "you're going to be so quick"? Yeah... whatever.

We were quick, yes. We left the stuff in the car, yes. We were robbed, yes.

Handbag stolen. Wallet stolen. Garage card stolen. Cheque card stolen. ID Document stolen. Passport stolen. License stolen. Maritz' brand new sandals stolen. The cigarettes stolen. My JEANS stolen. (I mean honestly?! WTF?! Ladies Jeans?!) Side window broken.

GPS not stolen. Cellphones not stolen. Maritz' wallet not stolen. Maritz' clothes not stolen. Gift bags with gifts, behind the seat, not stolen. Etc Etc Etc.

It was a fast move. I know it was. We drove around looking for any suspects, as the area is really not that big at all, but found nothing. Maritz even got out of the car at one stage and found a black couple going at it in their car, unexpectedly. So... the rest of the precious daylight was spent at the police station getting a statement to prove that I have absolutely no identification whatsoever etc etc etc. Try explaining that to the bank... (Yes I stopped all my cards as well).

At dusk, we ended up driving straight through some of the most beautiful towns and past some gorgeous beaches, just because we couldn't stop and get out anywhere, leaving the now-windowless car unattended. You can imagine how upset I was... Because I'd rather not got there now.

We ended up in Margate, as planned, where we parked our car in a safe place (thanks to Maritz' friend) and went for drinks at Johnny Rockets. We ended up spending the rest of the night there, where they decided to get me as drunk as they can, on a budget, so that I can relax and forget about being robbed. Good plan? Yeah well... It was fun and we met some really random, really nice, people.
Of course, we had to drive back 100km to Amanzimtoti that same night because our money for accommodation was stolen in the process too.

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