Sep 22, 2010

August 2 - July Natal Holdiay 2010 Part Three

My Birthday (15 July)

Probably the worst birthday of my life. That I can recall. I still can't believe it turned out the way it did. It feels like I didn't get a year older because I didn't celebrate it at all, it was horrible. Just horrible.
We were supposed to go to uShaka Marine World for my birthday. Spend the day there. See the shipwreck aquarium. See the dolphin show and the seal show. Go on the water rides and slides. Have a cocktail. Take lots of pictures. Relax.
Yeah well... why did I ever think anything would go as planned?! It's when you have expectations that you get disappointed like I did.

My birthday started early, as I had to get to the bank to beg some random woman for my own money. All our petrol money was in my garage card and some of our holiday spending money was in my cheque account - which, obviously, I can't use because I don't have the cards for it anymore. I had to arrange an overdraft on my account, with a temporary debit card, and rely on money my mother transferred to Maritz' account, to save our asses and to pay for the broken window to be fixed.

After arguing with the bank for a couple of hours, we headed to Durban Central to get the car's new window installed.. At least we got to eat lunch at McDonald's, waiting for PG Glass to finish with the window, which took an hour and a half.

By the time we left PG Glass, it was 1pm. I was so upset I could cry, but decided on still going to uShaka Marine World and trying to make the most of what's left of my birthday. We went and paid for a Combo to gain access to the aquarium, the marine world and the Wet & Wild Waterpark altogether.

The Aquarium was awesome! The place looks like an old shipwreck out of a movie, on the inside. The tanks are beautiful and so well taken care o f. The fish and the sea life is absolutely mind-blowing! With all the colors and the plants and the sharks and the fish, I didn't know where to look and where to go. We took tons of pictures and the natural lighting in the aquariums were astounding. I figured out, for the first time, how funky my camera is! The settings are awesome and I never knew it before this holiday, how dumb of me! Hahahahahaha!

But of course... good things must come to an end. Sooner rather than later, for me. We walked out of the Aquarium at 3pm that afternoon, on our way to the dolphin show and the rest of uShaka, when the bank phoned me to tell me that I have to get to a branch close to where I am so that I can sign a piece of paper to confirm the overdraft that I asked for that morning because it was confirmed by the bank, and if I want it within 24hours I have to get there before half past three that day. Which gave me half an hour to drive around like a mad woman in Central Durban, looking for any sign of a Standard Bank br anch. WTF?!?!?!

uShaka Marine World closed at 5pm. It's a 15 minute drive from the bank to uShaka. I finally left the bank (thanks to their shitty service) at fifteen minutes past four. Got in the car, and cried. I cried like a child who got her candy taken from her or something. I cried, and I sank down into my chair and told Maritz to just take me home. I was so upset. I was so angry. I was so sad.

My birthday was ruined. We went back to where we stayed in Amanzimtoti and spent the night watching movies and cuddling.

The silver lining - Hiberdene SAPS (The Police) ph oned me the night of my birthday to inform me that they found some important belongings of mine. My ID Document. My passport. My license. My bank cards. Some odd business cards and shop account cards. My JEAN!! I was SO happy I could scream!

The next day, Friday the 16th, we drove 80km out of our way to pick up my things in Hiberdene, and headed for home after that. 711km later, one tank o f petrol and a car that hardly made it all the way there... we were safely back in... Reality.

All in all - It was a great holiday. Maritz and I had tons of fun, I got to see my friend who moved away and we took lots of fun photo's. The weather was great and I got to spend time by and in the ocean....

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