Sep 22, 2010

August 5 - Give me advice?!

I work with X and Y. Y is married with 2 small children. X is much younger than Y, single and quite pretty. X and Y have been spending a lot of time together at work. Y makes X coffee all day long. They meet each other in the kitchen often. We have recently snooped out that they chat on the phone all through the day (they work 2 offices apart!) and that they chat on their computers, with each other, all through the day as well. We have also snooped out that they email each other and delete the emails afterward. One particular day, Y didn't properly delete his emails and an office colleague snooped out that X and Y have been flirting profusely. There was talk of kissing. X asked Y if his wife will find out and how she'll react, being mad and wanting to kill her or something. Y replied to X saying "Fuck my wife".

So that is the short and sweet version of it. I don't know what to do about it. Myself and Lynette, who works with me as well, are thinking of emailing his wife from an anonymous email and telling her all about it, or hinting towards it. There's that, or we confront the both of them, or just one of them. Or we could even anonymously email X and Y and get them paranoid or threaten them or something.

I can't tell you how wrong I feel it is. He is in a monogamous relationship. Obviously. If it was an open relationship, sure - go for it. Not my business. But his poor wife... and the children!!

I'm torn. Any advice?

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