Sep 22, 2010

Teenage Diaries

I kept diaries when I was a teenager, but stopped very quickly when my mother found one and found out how honest and (obviously) naughty I was. She found out about my drinking habits, my smoking habits and some things I did with guys that I'd prefer to leave in Pandora's Box.

I wasn't a bad person. I'm not a bad person. I just did things I'm not proud of. Everyone does, I think. Diaries are a teenagers way of letting go and bitching and moaning. We were all there. Or we wanted one, or we had one, or we actually needed one.

I found this awesome post in The Sunday Times archives. Go check it out. It will definitely make you cringe and probably make you think WTF?!

Teenage Diaries: The most embarrassing thing you'll ever read

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