Sep 27, 2010

Sept 6 - Study Study Study

I finished the Business Administration Management short course that I did. I included Marketing, Principles of Management and Finance & Money Management. It was intense but so worth it. I think I've been bitten by the study bug though. And I'm happy about it. It took me a while! =)

My financial director (The Grandmother) called me in for a 'meeting' last week to discuss my next study move. I did my research and I think I'm returning to the same place I took the BAM course at. The next - an 8 week Logistics Management course. I work in warehousing and logistics at the moment, so it'll be great. I look forward to doing it.

I also found a basic graphic design short course... 10 weeks. It looks really, really interesting. And fun. I told my mom about it and she wants to help me. She wants to help me pay for it. It's not expensive at all. How awesome! I'm slightly excited... I just don't want to jinx myself.

*Holding Thumbs*

UPDATE: I am starting with a BCom Strategic Supply Management in 2011 through Unisa (University of South Africa) distance learning. It's a 3 year degree but I think I'm going to do it over 5 years, as I am also working full-time. I'm super excited about it but in the same breath I'm really scared. I'll just have to make sure I work really, really hard. That's all.

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