Mar 11, 2010

You're never Alone

Kenna wrote something on her blog and deleted it. Why? I don't know. But I read it in time and noticed how strange it is that people across the globe share the same feelings at the same times. Think about it... you're never alone. It's never just you feeling shitty and alone and happy and joyful and angry and adventurous and naughty. There's always someone else out there sharing your sentiments. Some people, like Kenna, just have the gift of putting it into words so much better that other people. I'm jealous yes. But at least I don't tell you I wrote it. But I might as well have...


You were always oblivious. Especially when it was about me and how you made me feel. You had something sweet to say, but you said them with unfair intentions. I could see myself in your eye sometimes you know. They way you looked at me... it was almost like your eyes smiled when I walked into the room. You never looked away. Your eyes tell a story, and the story is about us, and our past. I was always the one you looked for. I'm still the one you look for. You're unpredictable, but still so easy to read. It's almost if your thoughts are written on your forehead. You still think I'm beautiful. And your memories of me will always sit in the back of your mind and years from now, a lifetime from now - they'll still be there. If you look for me, I'll be there. and I'll always be a mistake you made. But I'll always be your favorite one. I would remind you not to forget me, but you never will. I'll always be there. And when you're kissing her, you'll think of me. Maybe one day you'll realize what you lost. Respect, friendship, a perfect summer... you lost me. And that was your biggest mistake. I owe you nothing other than everything. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for being a part of me. Thank you for taking all I could give and teaching me to love selflessly... something you couldn't do. Thank you for making my heart feel alive. It still beats you know, with all the little pieces. Thank you for being so easy to fall for, even though you never caught me on my way down. Most of all thank you for that summer. It taught me things only you could teach me. You are my biggest regret, and my most beautiful mistake. <3

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