Mar 15, 2010

Me Strong Like Bull

I miss my girl friends!!

I miss Ilze
I miss Jean-Marie
I miss Bernice
I miss MC
I miss Rita
I miss Shannyn
I miss Amanda
I miss Cerise
I miss Delmei
I miss Eunice
I miss Arista
I miss Chantelle
I miss Edwina
I miss Erina
I miss Megan
I miss Rentia
I miss Talita

I don't know why I suddenly feel so lonely. Everyone is living their lives and it's like nobody needs me there anymore. It's quite an adjustment for me. But I think I'm just too sensitive or something. Building a Bridge... Construction underway. =) I guess it's my own fault huh? I just find it a little bit unfair, that's all. I was there for them when they needed me, but now that I need them they are too busy. But I'm so happy for them that I'd rather keep to myself and keep any drama away from them. I'd rather have them happy then myself. I'd rather sort my own sh!t out. This blog helps. One day I'll look back and realize... a lot of things. I'll be okay. As always.

Me Strong Like Bull


desi said...

you are very strong!!! but still need a friend to talk to. give one or 2 of them a call!!! :)
I have my 2 friends i know i can always call NO.MATTER.WHAT.

and I'm also here!! :)
i can give you a virtual hug


Maryx said...

That's the strange thing... I'm pretty sure I can phone them and I know they will be there for me. I just feel guilty doing it. I let them be. Ai tog!

Dankie girla! *HUG*