Mar 12, 2010

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

Ella over at From the STUPIDEST corner of my mind thinks I'm all Bubbly and awesome and stuff! Can you believe it?? Little 'ole me?! Whoop Whoop! She created this award herself and claims that we are not 'nominees', we are 'candidates'. Which means we may or may not be entitled to something. Love it!

It's 'Bubbly' because we are, according to google search "Full of producing bubbles: a Bubbly drink; a Bubbly soap. 2. Resembling bubbles: big, bubbly clouds. 3. Full of high spirits; effervescent: bright, ..."

Link the blogger who awarded you.
Give 5 reasons why you believe you deserve this award.
If you think you don't deserve it then post the badge and explain what you regret the most in life that makes you a "non-deserver of the award".

5 Reasons why I deserve the award huh?? Urrrrmmmm...... YOU gave it to me Ella?? And you don't know why you gave it to me?? ...Let met think about that for a sec. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

Well I think I have high spirits. Most of the time.
I'm pretty bright. On most days.
I've heard, more than once, that I have a very bubbly personality.
I love making people happy. Bubbles do that too, right?
I am spontaneous and have a wild imagination.


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