Mar 24, 2010

For Once in Your Life - 10/04/2006

Another piece about Roald. Hahahahahahaha!! Clearly I just about LOST it here. It's so funny, and strange, reading about my past and recalling the memories. And to think I wrote it. Weird. Clearly I was starting to notice here that things were going south. Quickly. Funny stuff...

For once in your life, would you try to be a man? For once in your life, would you try to be my man? Would you try to behave and do things right for once? Would you try to be responsible and let me know if you wanna go fcuking around all night?

For once in your life, would you call me back?
For once in your life, would you care to be there when I need you? Would you try to understand that all this screaming is your own fault? Would you someday come to notice that you fcuk it up this way?

Not it's not okay! No, I don not understand!
No, you cannot go there! Don't you see?
I love you, yet I feel like I wanna kill you!
Why do you do this?
Why do you act so unfair?

When I do it, there's sh!t.
But when you do it, it's suppose to
Be fine with me. Well, IT'S NOT!

Author: Maryke Pretorius

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