Mar 15, 2010

Memories: Kudu Tail

My mom was 21 when I was born. My aunt (her only sister) was 13. My uncle (her only brother) was 18. And of course we grew up like siblings because I grew up in my grandmother's house with them. I don't have a father. But I had my grandfather. Anyway... in this growing-up-like-siblings thing, they did the things siblings do to each other, to me. They teased me, they horrified me, they told me stories, they chased me around the house, they got mad at me, they played with me, they swam with me, they played make-believe with me, they made lunch with me, they loved me. All those lovely things brothers and sisters do together. Except that I was a lot younger than them. Obviously.

My grandfather used to go hunti
ng. Quite a lot actually. He'd come back and load at least 3 huge buck off the back of the truck and hang it in the garage for processing. Everyone had to jump in and work the meat. Cut off the skin and cut up the appropriate pieces and cut the biltong sized pieces and hang them up to dry. Things like that. Now, the skin of the bucks would be treated with a mix of salt, spices and powders and lain out in the sun to dry. After weeks of my grandfather treating it, that skin would be soft as a baby's bottom and he'd use it as carpets or decorations on the walls in the house. Yes, very South African I guess.

These 'carpets' were favorite 'toys' for my uncle and aunt. They'd go down on their hands and knees, put the thing over their shoulders, and come after me! Me, of course being a little girl, freaked out beyond repair and ran to Grandpa and Grandma or to Mommy. They teased me with it relentlessly and found it
hilarious every time! Urgh! (Although when I think about it today it WAS pretty funny.)

Years later, I was around 16 or 17 years old and my aunt's daughter, Nicole, was around 3 or 4 years old. (Ironically enough I was 14 when Nicole was born.) We went to visit my uncle and low and behold he had a Kudu buck skin in his study! Can you believe it?! Heehee! *Evil Grin* So of course I just HAD to do
something for a
bit of revenge. They say the wheel turns don't they...? =) I didn't go as far as THEY did, I just freaked her out whilst we were standing in the study. Conveniently she was standing ON TOP of the poor little Kudu's tail... so I yelled out, drama queen that I am - "Nicole, jy kan nie op die bokkie se stertjie staan nie hy kry eina!" (Translated: "Nicole, you can't stand on the Kudu's tail you're hurting him!") Yeah well, you can imagine that little girl just about shat herself that day! She starting jumping up and down and out of the study and freaking out and repeating how sorry she is whilst yelling like a drowning pig. Call me a bad person if you want but I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

My aunt gave me the evil eye and asked me how could I do that to a
child like that?! I just sat there laughing like a hyena telling her "Die wiel draai!" (The wheel turns) and revenge is sweet! =D

The good old days...


desi said...

Baie oulike storie!! :) en kaksnaaks!!

So jy is oorspronklik Afrikaans?

Simon said...

Have you no pity?

Maryx said...

Desi - Afrikaans groot geword ja! =D Jy ook?

Simon - Uuuurrrmmmm... a little bit! =) heehee (Have THEY no pity??)