Mar 9, 2010

Memories: Paddamelkie

I dated a guy, Glitch I called him, for about 9 months. I can't really say I regret those 9 months because when I look back I had fun. We shared some great times. And some bad. But do you truly hang on to the good or the bad? Yeah. I thought so. Anyway... Glitch aka Nicolas and I had the cutest nicknames for each other all.the.time. I couldn't stand hearing him call me by my real name. And vica versa. Some turned out to be really, really funny. And we'd end up laughing like hyenas about it. There were days when we'd just sit in his room playing computer games, him on his PC and me on my laptop, and every now and then we'd pipe up with a nickname for the other one and end it with I Love You. Aaaahhh the good times.

One of these nicknames turned out to be the FUNNIEST one and the only he could never live down. Paddamelkie. If you're not Afrikaans that word will make absolutely no.sense. to you whatsoever. Actually if I think about it, even if you are Afrikaans it would probably make no sense to you. Let me explain. . .

I came up with calling him Paddavis at one stage, which means 'Tadpole'. Yeah Yeah go ahead and say what you want. Laugh. Whatever. That's nothing. So Anyway, HE came up with Melkie for ME, which translates to 'Milk'. 'Cause, you know, women produce milk etc etc. =D Heehee! One day... we were dozing off on the bed, as we did countless times, and I asked him something like 'Where's the blanket Paddavis?', and him being practically fast asleep (he had a hypnotizing bed, I'm sure of it), he responds with 'Nie Paddavis nie, Paddamelkie'. Which roughly translates to 'Not Tadpole, Frogmilk'.


This is one of those 'You had to be there' - Jokes huh?

Thought so.

Whatever. It was funny. It was hilarious, actually. He instantly realized what had just escaped his mouth, gawked up at me and we both burst out laughing after I blurted out 'WHAT?!' for obvious reasons.


Daffy said...

At least you can look back in laughter!

Maryx said...

True that Daffy! =)