Mar 4, 2010

Time is running out

Time is running out for our love. For Gerhard and I. He is coming over this weekend. I don't know how much longer my heart can handle him. I want him in my life SO badly... but at the expense of what?

"You can't change a man unless he's in diapers!" Fact or Fiction??

I'm SO tired. We have such ups and downs in our dysfunctional 'relationship' that I can't keep up anymore. It's scary. I don't know what to expect anymore. I know I like being spontaneous and adventurous but this is ridiculous!


desi said...

mmmm... :( shame, wish i could give you a hug or something!!

me gonna send you an email soon! :)

good luck **hug**

Jenn(ifer) said...

I feel your pain. Boy, do I feel your pain.


Just another cloud in the BIG blue sky said...

Sometimes we are in doubt of relationships and worried...But you should know that everything in the end is going to be fine and happy for you and him...And if you really do love him then you will both find a way together:)u deserve to be more than happy!You deserve to be always satisfied with your life

Maryx said...

Desi - Can't wait! *HUG* Thanks

Jenn - I guess it's horrible to say but thanks for 'sharing' the pain. *HUG*

Cloudy - Thanks! Appreciate you stopping by! I'm hoping it will work out in the end. It just feels like a soap opera right now.