Mar 25, 2010

Second Chances

What constitutes a second chance? What makes you deserve it or not deserve it? I think it totally depends on what you did. Sorry to say but some things are just completely unforgivable. Correct me if I'm wrong please. I just think that it depends on each and every person as an individual to decide if they can handle certain things, situations and people in their lives. Again. Because that's what a second chance is all about. If you let someone into your life, again, but you're not willing to let the past go... What's the point? I realize that nothing will ever be the same again, most likely. But that's just the thing... if you're willing to work on it and make it even better that's awesome. But if you can't let go of the past (because honestly, you'll never forget it) things will just run full circle and probably play out the same way it did the first time.

Some things just have to flushed out of people's lives. You have negative people and negative situations everywhere. What's the point in keeping it in your life? As much as it hurts... What's the point? What does it get you except negativity and more pain and tears and who knows what else?! Clearly I'm getting carried away here. =)

So what do you think are your limits for giving someone or some situation a second chance? Do you think people can honestly and effectively change who and what they are/were? I'm sure it's possible. Just not always plausible.


Andhari said...

Sometimes it's not about what they did too, it's also about your mental. If you can't forgive them, then you can't. Or you can forgive them but you don't want them around you anymore. Some things can't be fixed. As sad as it is.

Maryx said...

You're so right... "Or you can forgive them but you don't want them around you anymore."

Totally agree!