Jan 24, 2011

Platonic My Ass

What do you think of when I say 'Platonic Friendship'?  If you asked me that question I'd say it's a friendship with no romantic trimmings.  It's like the friendship you'd have with your best girl-friend (for girls) and your best guy-friend (for guys), or your brother or sister.  That friendship where there is no mushy sideshows of 'I miss you so much' or 'Thinking of you' or kisses and hugs.  A friendship without a history of romance.  A friendship without a future of romance.  A friendship where you can be yourself, no pretences, no showing off, no worrying so much about each other feelings and stuff.  A friendship where you can live without each other, although loving each other, because friendship can do that.

Being friends with your Ex is not being in a platonic friendship.  Being friends with your Ex confuses things, makes things harder, and makes moving on so much harder.  Being friends with your Ex complicates your life.  Even if you think it's platonic, believe me honey, it will never be that.  There will always be history.  There will always be feelings involved, no matter how small.  There will always be heartache and love and chemistry.  You'll deny it, I'm sure.  We all tend to do that.  But it's there nonetheless.  So please, don't lie to yourself, or others, and think that you have a platonic friendship with your Ex.  Let go or try again.  It's one way or the other, there's no in between.  You already let any hope of a friendship go the day you fell in love with each other.

And that goes for me, too...

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