May 25, 2010

YOUniverse (My Mind)

Mind: Voyager

About Me:

You seek new challenges every day. You are easily bored so you need constant stimulation and momentum in your life.


You tend to be quite practical and analytical and try to always make considered decisions. You have quite a conventional approach to life. You appreciate the benefits of planning your time well and do your best to have an ordered mind.


A highly physical person, you have a daring streak and a seemingly limitless enthusiasm for life. You are usually outgoing, friendly and accepting of others. Passion comes naturally to you. You like grand gestures and tend to wear your heart on your sleeves.


With a lot of common sense and a positive attitude, you enjoy the buzz of working as part of a team and prefer doing things with other people rather than alone. But you’re probably most comfortable in relaxed settings with your closest friends or your partner. A few special relationships are sometimes worth more than a huge gang of friends.

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