May 12, 2010

Living. Existing.

You can probably say this links to my previous post. Contradictory? I'm not sure. The difference between living and existing? Right here. Right now. I feel as if I'm in Limbo. Waiting for my life to happen. I feel like a bystander. As if I'm watching a movie of sorts. A movie where I'm suppose to be the leading lady.. but I'm not. A movie where I can't quite figure out my own character...

Do you think there is a possibility that some people were put on this earth just to help others? I heard an interesting story once. . . I went for a hot stone therapy massage (divine btw!) and the girl who did the massage really liked my tattoo, as my tattoo is very personal. She told me that she wanted one of her own and that it will also be very personal - The Egyptian eye and an Egyptian god (either Osiris or Ra, I forget). Now, why would that be personal? I just had to ask...

This girl believes in the afterlife and past lives and things like that. It's very interesting if you think about it. (I want to come back as a cat or a bear okay??) She claims that this Egyptian stuff is very personal to her because she LIVED it. In one of her past lives she was an (ancient) Egyptian. High up apparently as well. They do a type of meditation to figure this all out and can even 'go back in time' in a manner of speaking to catch a glimpse of a past life of theirs. Interesting huh? I love hearing about things like that and I listened intently to her stories. I can't exactly say I believe it all, but hey, each to his own. Sometimes I wish it IS real. Sometimes not so much.

She told me that every person has an 'age' according to your past lives. The number of past lives you've had determines the wisdom you carry with you. As well as the burdens etc. She thinks that she is at approximately her 2nd or 3rd life. Which isn't much. Her aunt, for example, claims to be at approximately her 9th or 10th life. Which is very, very old. Very, very wise. And very, very tired apparently. Her aunt says she's exhausted. She's 'lived' for too long. It has to end some time right?

After having me at her salon a couple of times, she believes that I am also very 'old and wise'. Way beyond my current years. Almost as 'old' as her aunt. Interesting isn't it?

Another story she told me is that her aunt, among many others, have a past life as an Atlantian. Yes.. all the way from they mystical city of Atlantis. The story behind Atlantis, according to them, is that the Atlantians became very wise, but not in a good sense, towards God. They began to believe that they were 'better' than God. That they could do what he could, and better. The Atlantians began experimenting with cloning, and apparently they succeeded. Remember, legend has it that their technology far exceeds that of our own, in certain ways of course. They experimented with a lot of things and thought themselves to be gods on earth, which outraged the true God. God decided to 'punish' the Atlantians by, as you know, destroying Atlantis, for one. To be lost for all time. But also... He doomed them into 'future lives'. Catch is - all their future lives would consist of their 'punishment' to have to help people. In one way or another, big or small, that would be their only purpose for centuries, or more like lives, to come. To help people.

Which, according to me, is not such a huge punishment. But what does it really entail? Does it include those people actually being able to have lives of their own and true happiness of their own? WHILE helping others? Or are they really alive, again, for one purpose?

Makes Me Think...

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