May 12, 2010

A Piece of Me ... May 2010

This month...

I Like:
That I have started jogging (or I'm trying it out at least.. you know it's winter in SA?!)

I Don't Like:
That my friend has decided not to talk to me anymore because of the fact that I opened my big trap and told her that I miss her and that I don't feel like I can really talk to her anymore. (Since she and her boyfriend started dating. They're infatuated and in love.)

I want you to know:
That I am really not good with words...

I've Planned:
To go on holiday soon. Within the next 2 months hopefully. Just for a week. To Natal. And it sounds like Goofy is helping me plan it!

I Want to Say to Someone Special:
Where are you??

Got this idea from Andhari (Insomniac Lolita). She got the idea from Krissy and The Toothfairy. Clearly I forgot about this. For the start of the month. But anywhoo!!! Here it is! Link up to The Toothfairy and join in!

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