May 27, 2010

Really stressed. Really tired.

I wanna run. I wanna scream. I wanna cry. I am so stressed out I feel like I'm on my last nerve and I feel like breaking down and just giving up completely. I don't quite know what is keeping me going, though I know it's necessary. Is it hope? What is it? I am trying to study. I am trying to make time. I am trying not to procrastinate. But it's hard. It really is hard. Working and studying part-time is no jokes people. It's not easy. Not even close. I'm doing quite well so far, though. Not exactly sure how. But I am.

I got 60% for my Marketing Module's Exam!

That's good right? I hope so. They still have to add my assignment mark, my workbook mark and my class test mark to that. To make up the module. I hope it come out good.
I'm busy with the next module now. Principles of Management. It's hard. It's A LOT of work. I'm writing a class test of Saturday and I'm freaking out at the moment. I don't know sh!t. There's not enough hours in the day. The only reason I'm able to blog is because my boss thinks it's okay for me to fcuk around on the internet on company time, but it's NOT okay for me to be productive and study during company time. WHEN.I'M.BORED!!
I don't get it. Meanwhile I'm fidgeting on my chair. I can't sit still. I can't concentrate. I'm stressed. I'm really, really tired. Feels like I can sleep for days on end. But I have too much work to do. Clearly - I'm not a student. I don't know how students do it!! I know they have more time on their hands, and I really envy that, but how the hell do they do it?!



Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. But the simple notion that you're holding on is what matters; the stress and fatigue will all be worth it in the end.

I'm only a high-school student ( graduating in less than ten days, hooray! ), so I can't give much advice or tell you the secrets of students ( copious amounts of caffeine and large, underground study-groups, maybe? ). However, in my experience, support and a shoulder to lean on go further than most other things.. along with giant hugs and time out with friends.

I hope all goes well.
Good luck on that test.

Take care and best wishes,

Maryx said...

Thanks for stopping by M! Yeah, I'm holding on by a thin ray of hope. Hope it pays off though.