May 6, 2010

No more getting Mad

I'm past the point of getting mad at people who disappoint me. I'm at the point of hurting. I know I shouldn't but I can't exactly help it. It hurts. It really does. Especially when you really really really didn't expect it. It hurts to think that you just weren't important enough. Worth enough. That you just weren't enough of anything, really. When people disappoint you, by perhaps not keeping a promise or doing something you truly expected of them, it hurts, you get mad, you lash out. I'm past that. I'm not even gonna get mad anymore. Well, I'll try not to. I can't promise anything.

I think people lash out because they want the other person to really realize how hurt they are. To let that person really know that what they did was wrong, hurtful, unkind. But is that really the way out? Don't we just make the situation worse by doing that? By lowering your expectations of people, your disappointment rate is lower because you expect them to do something stupid or hurtful every time. And every time they exceed your (low) expectations, you can praise them. Rather than fight with them because they didn't reach the high ones. . .

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