May 10, 2010

The Outer Limits of My Mom. . .

My mom dragged me to a get-together with her friends on Saturday. I dragged a friend of mine with me. For good company and back-up. I mean, what if I just don't get along with the people my mom are meeting there? They work together for Pete's sake. And we went with her car so I didn't even have the option of leaving when I wanted to. Which sucks. For me.

So we went. The people were nice. I knew 3 of them. They are fun and crazy and love telling stores and making jokes. Her friends found me very amusing, as I ended up telling stories of my mom and I that, looking back, are hilarious. We went to a cute little place called Outer Limits (check it out if you want), which apparently starts out as a bar/restaurant during the day (child-friendly and all, including jumping castles and jungle gyms) and later in the night - turns into a club. We sat right outside the big glass doors, that were open of course, and soon realized that we were 'sharing' in a private wedding party. The happy couple eloped to New Zealand, got married there, and came back to share a party with friends and family. Nice!

Speaking of Outer Limits though, I'd love to go back there with MY friends sometime. They're not that expensive and have this cute little outside 'beach' area with it's own bar and separate music. They even had 2 bonfires going for the cold. Looks like fun.

We had fun, told stories, drank wine, drank cocktails and ate scrumptious Nachos and pasta. Just to end up (my friend and I) wanting to go home. To bed. Or just home. So, we ended up sort of being the party poopers, once my mom actually caved in and agreed to go home of course. 12H30 that night. Or Sunday morning. Whatever. She just wouldn't stop! She was all over the show! (In a good way though) Dancing. Talking to random people. Making jokes. Being naughty (or at least the look on her face said so =D).

I enjoy it when my mom gets like that. She's fun and entertaining and she thoroughly enjoys herself. Which is awesome! I felt like such a tit that I wanted to go home. But I didn't say anything about it or hurry her up or any of that. I let her enjoy herself, until she came to me and said we can go home now. (Even though she still wanted to drag us to another club nearby, to go dancing... I think the looks on our faces gave her an answer.)

My mom out-partied me on Saturday! WTF?! Is that wrong or is that just me?! Oh, I'm not complaining. I love that my mom can keep up and even out-do us. I love partying with her and laughing with her. She's tons of fun! Not many people can say the same about their mothers. I know she's not always like that, though. There are nights that she goes to bed around 7pm. There are times we fight and times we laugh. There are times we go out alone and other times together. I want to be like her some day.

My Mom is My Hero!!
(Well, her and my grandfather of course!)

Happy Mothers Day Mommy. You are my sun, my moon and my stars. And I love you more than all of those put together.

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