May 6, 2010

Life Without You (2005)

I wake up each morning and reach next to me,
I feel for the warmth of your body next to mine,
But there's nothing...
No good morning kiss, no one to make me
coffee, no matter how early it is.

I get out of bed and dress in a hurry,
You're not there to see me.
To the kitchen I go, I almost make
two cups of coffee -
But you're not here.

I get wet in the shower, no one holding
Me close, no one passing me the soap.
I'm all alone in this strange world now.
I have nothing to do but pray.

As I go through the day, my mind is
Always elsewhere, elsewhere on you.
I never noticed what a big part
of my life you were. I want to call
you over and over - as I always did -
To tell you I miss you and I love you.
Now I can't.

Life without you seems impossible.
But someday I'll get used to it.
Just remember - I said I love
you forever - But forever never ends...

~ For Ockie. My First Love. ~
Author: Maryke Pretorius



Ella Unread said...

Great poem and that picture is priceless...

Maryx said...

Aw Thanks Ella..