May 31, 2010

We fell in love... (By Hayley)

Her Heart is In The Clouds and she going through a helluva time. I came across her blog recently and found her writing very inspiring and real. I have to share this with you...

We fell in love...

Which is when the world stopped turning.
Which is when the birds fell silent.
Which is when the clouds all breathed in at the same time.
Which is when lies became truth.
Which is when pain became love.
Which is when fires burned blue.
Which is when red flowers bloomed.
Which is when snow fell.
Which is when ice became water.
Which is when the universe smiled.
Which is when the sunshine and the moonlight met.
Which is when the air became thick.
Which is when every guitar in the world strummed the same three chords over and over.
Which is when the dead rolled over and wished to live again.
Which is when aliens on other worlds looked up into the heavens and gasped.
When is when hurricanes and storms and floods swept through us.
Which is when tears fell from willows at the beauty of it all.
Which is when we were laying in bed face to face.
Which is when riots and madness chased themselves through the streets.
Which is when angels were filled with envy.
Which is when vampires threw back their heads and howled.
Which is when my head rested on your chest and my body moved to your heartbeat.
Which is when your lips touched my mouth.
Which is when you walked away.
Which is when I stood here begging you not to leave.
Which is when I pleaded for you see the beauty in growth and the future.
Which is when skin crawled...

Which is when you made my world perfect; perfect timing, thank you for always getting inside my head and making me feel better. Making me feel like I’m not the only one on this Earth with a heart- A true, beautiful, pure heart.

Which is when I looked in those big beautiful eyes, and changed

Accept me for who I am, not who I was. Please see the beauty in the person who I am now
and the person who loves you more than anything on the face of this earth. Despite the fact that I want you to stay here with me more than anything in the world, you are free to make your own choices... and every moment when you stop for just one second to think, know that I’m thinking about you at that very moment- I promise.

I love you

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