May 25, 2010

YOUniverse (My Art)

Art: Eyes Wide Open

About Me:

You have a great appreciation for creativity in all its forms. You really admire talented artists and will always find time to seek out a new exhibition or show. When it comes to your own creativity, you take inspiration and ideas from the world around you. Your eyes are always open for new sources of stimulation. You like to see creativity as something that is free, without boundaries and rules – You’re a rebel at heart.

How I Create:

You unleash your creativity by putting pen to paper. An avid doodler, experimenting with your ideas gives you the freedom to make your mistakes – all part of the process. It’s all about getting stuck in.. being involved means getting hands on. You love the experimentation of your creative process. Your strength lies in the care you take to see things through to the end, with lots of attention to detail.

How I Think:

At heart, you’re a real romantic. You like to take life at a gentle pace and always have your eyes open for new sources of inspiration. Your memories are at the forefront of your imagination, your creativity


Indrayani said...

I totally dig this new blog look!!
Well done!!! :)

Lola Lakely said...

I love the new look of the blog. It's been awhile since I've stopped by and behold! New look!

Maryx said...

Yippee!! =) I'm glad you like it! (Still a bit 'in working progress' though... heehee)