May 13, 2010

How Come?

How come we don't even talk any more?
How come we don't even live anymore?
How come you're there and I'm here?
How come we don't even meet anymore?

How come I think about you at times like these?
How come I miss spending time with you,
Even though you hurt me so bad?
How come I see the moon each night and think of you?

How come when I close my eyes you are always there?
How come when I go to bed I feel so alone?
How come when I look up at the stars on a
Clear night, you cross my mind?

How come those nights on the roof of your grandparents'
house will never leave me?
How come we're so different now?
How come we're apart?

How come...

(Written for Ockie)
Author: Maryke Pretorius

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