May 25, 2010

YOUniverse (My Love)

You’re someone who tends to fall in love completely, with every bone in your body. Once you’re smitten, you probably can’t imagine life without the one you love. In fact, you’re guilty of sometimes placing too much importance on your relationship. It can become the be all and end all in life very quickly so you may end up dependent and possessive and may lose control of the ability to think rationally about the relationship. Be careful! Your need to feel loved could lead to unbalanced partnership. Make sure you don’t scare your lover off by being too intense.

You crave attention from your lover and count down the minutes till the next time you’ll be together. Love is your life blood. It fills you with energy and makes it hard for you to concentrate on anything else. Right now though, things don’t seem to be going quite as planned in the romance stakes. You may be feeling a bit disillusioned by love. But remember, there’s plenty more fish in the sea… You never know what’s waiting around the corner.

The world can be a very lonely place when love isn’t going the way you’d like. For you, love is always tempestuous. It’s riding those waves that really appeal to your fiery nature. You often remain detached from those around you. You are a true pleasure seeker.

You’d do anything for the one you love. Love means total devotion. Only by coming together with a love you feel truly complete. The physical side of love is essential to you. Touching really helps you to connect with the one you love. You’re a really social animal. It’s really important to you to be with someone who makes you laugh. Having fun is what keeps the magic alive. Once the spark of passion has died down, this is what will truly endure…

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