Dec 29, 2010

This could be a good year

 I am feeling positive about the year to come.  I have grand things planned.  So much to do.  So much to achieve.  I'm already getting started.  I am also very confused, regarding my studies especially.  I'm torn between two extremes.  The need to follow my heart and my dreams, and the need (want) to follow my family's plans for me.  They want me to study for a degree in Strategic Supply Management, but all I can think of for my future includes animation, graphic design, special effects and all things ME!  What do I do?

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ladytruth said...

Trust me, you won't be happy or motivated or want to get down with the books during exams when you're busy studying something your heart's not into. Don't think about how much money you'll make someday doing management, it's not about that. If you do what you like and you're happy doing it, the rewards will come. But that's just my opinion :)