Dec 29, 2010


You sent me a Merry Christmas message on the 24th.  Why would you do that?  Last Christmas, you were with me.  This year, I'm alone.  I don't want your 'pity messages'.  I know you sent that to your whole phone book.  Why am I still in there anyway?  No really... for what?  I'm quite proud of myself though.  My heart didn't skip as many beats as I expected.  I didn't tear up, and I had/have nothing to reply to you.  I guess I could reply with something like 'Merry Christmas and go jump off a cliff please'.  But no, I won't.  I do hope you are blessed this Christmas.  Enjoy it.


ladytruth said...

Time is a good healer and it was very grown up of you to not wish him any ugly deaths in his near future. Some people find some kind of disgusting pleasure in torturing others with a reminder of themselves every now and again. Maybe you should delete this person from your phone list? They may not be aware that you did it, but you'll feel better.

Maryx said...

I'm so glad that you're back and commenting again.

Thank you.

I have deleted him. Quite a while ago. I does feel good. But still know his number by heart. Clearly, he hasn't deleted me. Urgh!