Dec 3, 2010


i wish i could slip out of you

as easily as these shoes

forget the ways you knew me

shake off these sad-girl blues

i'm wondering what you were after

when you stole this heart of mine

then ran off not once, not twice

i lost count of all the times

should i sit in desperation

crying because you are gone

instead i think ill lace up new boots

and dance until the dawn

i miss you
its the small parts of the day
like this

sitting here after dark

and you aren't here
i think of how we could be

your hand on my skin

feeling you breathe next to me
just the little things


i no longer know
where you begin and i end

our bodies entwined

our souls as one

i see myself in your eyes

i hear you in every beat of my heart

you are a part of me

you live and breathe inside my body

come to me love

take my hand and make me yours


it was you i was thinking of

it's always you

and it wasn't thoughts of tongues, or teeth

or grasping hands

or sweaty skin

it was just your face, your eyes

and your mouth

as you said those words to me

that you love me

that's what did it


why don't you want me?
what did i do?

the worst you can accuse me of

is simply loving you

you were my sunrise

the stars in my night

but you've left me again

and i'm too weak to fight

i don't think you knew

how i needed you so

and how much it hurt

each time you let me go

so i'll let the tears fall

let my tender heart break

it will get stronger in time

but i'll always feel the ache

in my dreams
when i'm sleeping

i am free to love you

the way you were meant to be loved

my heart leading you through the darkness

showing you how love should be

a love with no hesitation

unashamed, undenied

our skin would tell our stories

they would flow freely without words

the weight of your body on mine

teaching me lessons never before learned

cling to me here

don't let me go

let me give you all i have

before the cruel light of day

i know i've told you a thousand times

but the nights really are unbearable

i close my eyes, all i see is you

your hair, your skin, your eyes

when i turn on my back

you are on top of me

when i turn on my stomach

you are behind me

when i do get a few moments sleep

i wake up in a hot sweat

mind blurry, not sure where i am

but i know you aren't here


you have slid under my skin
into every pore

you are my laughter
you are my tears

i try to forget you
pretend i am my own

but it is useless
you know i am yours

please come back and find me
i am right here waiting

Holding My Breath...

back arched
i feel you drive into me
i turn my face to look in your eyes
through my haze of lust and desire you glow like an angel
punish me
pummel me
show me how i'm wanted
how you have waited for this moment
all those years of waiting have culminated here
you are mine

and its the sweetest pleasure i have ever known
so slippery and wet
our skin slides like silk
feeling you
every inch of you
as you finally find your home in me
making my body yours
every touch, every sensation
they burst like a thousand flaming petals
falling down upon me

as i writhe beneath you
time had stopped
and so has my heart
in this one moment i am made real
i understand how it feels to be whole
it all falls away
except the sight of you
taking me to heaven


michael said...

Wow. Great poems.

I love the imagery you decided to use, and I commend your attention to both feeling and the tiny details of life in which love reside.

Beautiful. :)

Ella Unread said...

Great poems, Maryx!! Someone is very inspired...I am glad love is inspiring you and not heartache.

Maryx said...

I am sorry to say... I did not write these. Although I wish I had. The site is called and the pages are linked to the subjects of the poems.

They might as well be my words at this stage... they say more than I can muster up.