Dec 30, 2010


I hate missing you so much.
You broke my heart.
You destroyed me.
So, why do I still want you so bad?
Please.  Make it stop.

You were brought to the forefront of my mind again the other night.  I felt it all again.  And still, I don't get it.  Why me?  What did I do so wrong to deserve what you did to me?  Am I such a bad person?  Why was I never enough for you?  Why did you always want more?

I know I shouldn't think like this, but it's so hard not to.


michael said...

Maryke, you haven't done anything wrong. You're not to blame for things falling apart. No one is. Sometimes (more often than not) things just don't work out.

But please don't think of yourself as a bad person, or as someone who deserves heartache. You're a beautiful, amazing person as you are. You're enough, as you are.

Just because you don't mean the world to one person, doesn't mean other people don't think the world of you.

I do. And I look forward to the day you find happiness with someone. :)

Maryx said...

Where have you been all my life M?! Teehee!

Thanks for your motivation. I appreciate it so much more than you can imagine.