Dec 29, 2010


Merry Christmas.

I got an amazing 'gift' this year.  I had a dream.  A fantastically vivid dream.  In it, I had just given birth to a baby boy, and it's yours.  He was beautiful, and so small.  You were there too, the whole way.  Holding me, supporting me.  You held your son first, so gently.  You kept saying Thank You, it was like seeing the miracle in your eyes.  We were thinking of a name too, we couldn't decide.  And making jokes about what your son inherited from you, and what from me.  It was magical.  I have a crystal clear image of changing his diaper, with you being right there with me.  I can still feel my arms around you, and then you holding us from behind.  You were there when I was trying to breastfeed, amazed.  You were there when he cried.  When I cried.

I'm sure you'll be an amazing father one day, Gerhard.

Blessed be.


Anonymous said...

I know that you'll probably think i am lying but i had a better dream than this..
alot was going through my mind..
would like to tell you one day in person..

(you know who i am)
i struggle alot to.........

ladytruth said...

You never really know for sure until someone's actually in the situation of being a parent. Who knows? Maybe he'd be a lousy, loser dad who never took his kid to rugby practise or taught him how to wee on the potplants. Who knows? Hope you feel better soon :)

Maryx said...

Kwagga? ='(