Dec 8, 2010

I MISS HIM (You might wanna skip this post)

I miss his warm smile.  I miss his silly laughter.  I miss his jokes.  I miss the way he made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes.  I miss his soft skin.  I miss his touch.  I miss his strong hands, his strong arms around me.  I miss looking into his eyes.  I miss talking to him.  I miss hearing him talk.  I miss his stories.  I miss holding him, touching him.  I miss our passion.  I miss the happiness.  I miss the love.  I miss knowing he's there.  I miss waking up next to him.  I miss talking with him on the phone.  I miss his messages.  I miss being able to message him.  I miss talking to him and seeing him on Skype when we couldn't be together.  I miss sharing a cigarette with him.  I miss feeling his body next to mine, in bed.  I miss falling asleep in his arms.  I miss feeling so safe, like nothing in the whole world can hurt me, because he is there.  I even miss the fights.  I miss talking endlessly on gmail chat.  I miss sending him pictures, and receiving pictures back.  I miss telling him everything, no matter how insignificant, and him actually being, or pretending to be, so interested.  I miss the constant butterflies.  I miss admiring him.  I miss trying to convince him how amazing he is.  I miss the way he used to look at me.  I miss they way he used to touch me.  I miss the sparkle in his eyes.  I miss his naughty antics.  I miss his crazy ideas.  I miss how comfortable I was with him.  I miss how beautiful he made me feel.  I miss telling him how much I love him.  I miss telling him how much I miss him.  I miss his frown.  I miss his music.  I miss his silly singing antics.  I miss his 'talking' with songs, when he doesn't have the words.  I miss listening to his plans for the future.  I miss our talks about living together, having kids, sharing a life.  I miss his big dreams.  I miss the laugh lines on his face, and the scars on his body.  I miss his white underwear.  I miss what he is able to do to me, in so many ways.  I miss being able to depend on him.  I miss being taken care of, as much as I take care of him.  I miss cooking for him.  I miss cooking together.  I miss him cooking for me.  I miss his rum and coke. I miss the way he knows me inside and out.  I miss the stupid things he does.  I miss laughing with him.

I miss everything about him.  I don't have enough words.
Will it ever go away?!


Anonymous said...

It's hard. Wounds of the heart never heal completely...

How are you holding up, hun?

Maryx said...


Anonymous said...

That's right.
It's the big, scary anony-monster!

But, really, you don't know me. I'm just someone who cares. :)