Dec 15, 2010

The Amazing Blackberry?!

I don't have a Blackberry and I have no desire to own one.  I am a simpleton who only wants my cellphone to do the necessary basics, like sms, phone and chat here and there.  Maybe log on to Facebook, in whatever simple format it gives me.  But please... will someone explain to me if the following is even possible...?!

If I have a Blackberry and I want to send you and your friend a message that includes pictures, but I want to send it separately, can I do that?  Can I send you four pictures and your friend only one picture, on separate messages, at the same time?  And then... when you reply to me (using the 'reply all' function on your phone) will you be replying to myself as well as your friend?

PLEASE - This is quite important to me...

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