Dec 3, 2010

My Emotional Cripple... What is yours?

The Caretaker: This woman derives a sense of purpose from taking care of others. This means cooking, cleaning, paying, saving. No task is too tall, no man too broken for this heroine; although she often neglects herself. She uses helping others as a distraction from dealing with her own crap.
The Guy She Wants Pushing Her Emotional Wheelchair: Someone whom she can help/fix/save—the homeless drug addict, the guy who is perpetually out of work, or the man who just got in a serious car accident and needs a woman to change the bed pan. If you need a place to crash, a hot meal, or a bank account to blow through, she’s there.
Her Wheelchair Needs: There’s one word she needs to learn—NO. If she can turn that love around and shine it inward, she’ll be golden. Until she makes taking care of herself a priority, she will always be chasing some dud around and wiping his ass.

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