Dec 15, 2010

I need a change!

I want to color my hair.  I want a radical change!  Some think it's a 'quarter life crisis', some think I'm nuts, some think it's absolutely awesome.  I have spoken to many people and some of them have tried to change my mind, of course.  Like my family, some of whom think that the red I want is somewhat of a vixen-red.  Some friends asked me if I want to join the fire brigade.  Others think it will definitely suit my personality and that change is great!  My mom even wants to help me pay for it.

Thing is, I want to color my whole head of hair the color that you see in these pictures, but I have dark hair.  Chocolate brown to be exact.  Therefore the salon will have to do a bleach bath on my hair and then dye the red over the bleach to get the color I want.  Problem is, the red dye doesn't have the same affect on all types of hair, especially after the bleach bath.  It could last long, or it could wash out rather quickly.  Too quickly.  The hairdresser and owner of the salon I've chosen have convinced me to rather to highlights in this color, half head or full head, for now.  She will have to bleach those pieces of my hair anyway, to dye it that red, then we can see if it lasts.  If it does, I can go right ahead and do my whole head of hair.  Her prices are really not bad at all.  But then, if it doesn't last, I can just dye it back to my chocolate brown to save myself the washed-out-red color.

So... what do you think??


Anonymous said...

Do it!

After all, what's life without a little spice?

Maryx said...


Vinita Santhosh said...

Go for it!