Mar 29, 2011

Thought Question #123

Probably a bunch of illegal stuff!  Urrrmmmm... what a question huh?  Makes Me Think!

I love this question... there is so much room for debate!  So much room for selfishness and sin!  Hahahaha!  Is it wrong that I find that intriguing?  I asked this question to a few people and I got some interesting answers.  It's as if secret desires come to light in their answers.  One girl friend of mine would leave her current boyfriend, and ask her ex (and first love) to run away with her, and she'd definitely sleep with him too!  Another girl friend wants to run around completely naked.  A guy friend would do anything and everything... look up girls skirts, eat tons of food, steal a few cars, stuff like that.

A few of my co-workers answers included spending the day sleeping with a certain famous South African singer, becoming a prostitute for a day, telling people exactly what they think of them, in a bad way, resigning and laughing about it.  One woman wants to pull her ex-husbands prostate and manliness out through his d*** and kick his girlfriend where it matters.  Hard.

I've come across answers like robbing a bank, stealing a fast car and speeding around with it, having sex with a certain someone (usually someone they can't have), going wild and probably getting arrested or killed in the process.  It's amazing what people can come up with on short notice!

Please share your answers in the comments?!


michael said...

Hmm. I think I would:

1) Climb up Mt. Bromo.

2) Watch the sun set, lying next to a former teacher of mine.

3) Go skydiving at night without a parachute.

It would be an awesome twenty-four hours. :)

Maryx said...

Mt. Bromo isn't very high is it? To be climbed in one day? I think that's awesome!
The teacher must have meant a lot to you?

Take me with for the skydiving! =)

michael said...

It certainly isn't as high as other mountains, so I think it would be possible. (And I'm certain the breath-taking view would make it worth it.)

Yes, she did. Above all else, she taught me to write from the heart and to never give up on love.

And, I'd love to take you!
It'd be such a peaceful experience to simply let go of everything...