Mar 14, 2011

Thought Question #107

"Understanding Life, Love & Everything In Between"

If I could choose my ending I'd have to say the Disney thing - "They (my husband and I) lived happily ever after in their beautiful house on a farm by the ocean, with lots of animals and children, and friends and family coming in and out of everywhere."

I know life probably won't turn out as easy as that for me, but a girl can hope right? =)

What about you?? I'd love to know yours!


michael said...

I think my life would be called 'Names'.
Every chapter would be a different name, and my life would be told through the stories of others. :)

I think it would end simply and quickly. Maybe something to do with the sound of the ocean and the light of a setting sun...

Maryx said...

How cool would that be?! I would totally read your book! =) And the ending?... Dreamy. You have such a way with words. Thanks for sharing.