Mar 14, 2011

Thought Question #100

Without a doubt Yes.  I'm a strange one... I'm not scared of death.  I'm not scared at all.  But so many people are.  And so many people don't deserve to die.  So many people who die through illness, suicide, car crashes, natural disasters, whatever.. just don't deserve it.  Those people have so much to offer the world.  Those people are the most beautiful and special ones.  I would give my life for someone in a heartbeat!  Especially those dear to me..

What about you?


michael said...

Yes. Definitely. Always.

I see so much value, so much story, verve, potential, depth and beauty and love... in every life around me.

And, I'm not scared of death either. I already feel like I'm living on borrowed time, and I look forward to the day I give everything back. :)

Maryx said...

I agree with that M!