Feb 25, 2010

Tattoo I want...

This tattoo is AWESOME Personified!! =)
I think I'd probably give me left foot to have this done... But alas... I'll save up and maybe be lucky some day.

Bad idea or good idea??

Pretty or Ugly?
Interesting or Boring?
Different or Predictable?


desi said...

Its good, pretty, interesting and different ALL at the same time!!!! I like a lot!!! :D

just save up and get it!!!

Daffy said...

DO IT! and post pics....we wanna see!

ink is addictive :O)

desi said...


Maryx said...

Desi - Cool I'm SO glad. Definitely will. Not as easy as it sounds though.

Daffy - Definitely addictive!

Andhari said...

I think it's cool :) the design, I mean. Not sure about the placement on that side of the neck though but I'm sure everyone has their own preferences :)

Ella Unread said...

What is it, Maryx? A bug??? :P Looks like: a) a weird buggie like a cheerful cockroach born from the intercourse between a normal cockroach and a dragonfly.
b) Something with feathers?
I like though :)

Maryx said...

Andhari - Cool thanx!

Ella - It's feathers sweetie. Almost like those hanging from a dream catcher. With beads and everything. I LOVE!