Feb 17, 2010

I'm too Beautiful to Care!

Hillbilly Duhn has done is again... She's flattered me and farted brownie points in my direction and tried to catch the shine with me again. Can you believe the nerve of some people?! HAHA!!

Hillbilly Duhn thinks I'm Preeeeetttttyyyyyy!!! =D Kinda confirms her #3... Ahem!

Rules Rules Rules:

RULE #1 : Thank the blogger who awarded you - DONE
RULE #2 : Copy and Paste the Award on your blog - DONE
RULE #3 : Link to the person who nominated you - DONE
RULE #4 : Share some interesting things about yourself - Uuurrmmm ...

  • I undress myself in my sleep. No idea why. Mostly in the summer though. Might explain a lot.
  • Food is my aphrodisiac... No kidding.
  • I'm Bi-Sexual. Yes. I share Hillbilly Duhn's sentiment. No one in my life knows this about me. Two of them do now. (If they ever read this of course)
  • I'm in a life-long affair with stationary... I'll get as excited as a little kid at Disney land if you just give me paper and pens for any occasion.
  • I used to have a Little Black Book... Thank Gawd I burnt it.
  • I LOVE PICTURES. It might be an addiction.
  • I am currently driving my THIRD car in 21 years. I've had my license since 31 August 2007. First car was written off by a drunk driver. Second car was stolen. Third car... seems like it's falling apart. I hate Murphy.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Oh, but I do find you pretty!! :)

I also have a love affair with stationary. It's a strange addiction...lol Paper makes me giddy too!

Ella Unread said...

Yay!!! thank you for the award!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit I am a little addicted to stationary as well...I guess we're all guilty of the same sin.