Feb 22, 2010

Memories: The Day I got MC's ears pierced

I have a friend. We call her MC. She started attending my school in our Std. 8 year. (Grade 10 for the more advanced). Apparently I looked like a psychopath in register class, yet she still went to break with me when I felt bad and asked her. She still ended up going to watch Lord of the Rings with us at the cinema that same afternoon. And she still ended up being my best friend.

MC and I were inseparable. Of course. We did everything together and somewhere along the line we even had a Little Black Book. This was to write down our plans for the weeks and weekends because for some odd reason, a lot of people wanted our time and attention. At the same times. So we had to 'book out' our time to our friends. Our friends who didn't mix or didn't know each other, of course.

Anywhoodle... One Friday afternoon after school, Ice, Link and Andrew came to pick us up from school. Names sound dodgy? They were. Believe me. We were young and stupid but at least we never got into serious trouble. Thank God. We went to Ice's house that Friday afternoon. Where
they had a lot of alcohol and of course we ended up playing drinking games. It was 'our thing'. Whatever. MC and I could drink alright... at one stage. So we had a ball of a time and laughed ourselves into pulp. At around 4pm that afternoon, big-mouth me decided that it's unfair that MC only has one hole pierced in each ear and I have two.
Yeah... you get where I'm going with this... She was drunk as a skunk but still standing up straight. And obviously sounding like a giddy teenager at the same time. We packed her up and dragged her to the car, where after the guys drove us to the Curiosity shop close to my house where I got my tongue pierced a year before. Yes. I did that too. MC kept her mouth shut and apparently she hardly felt a thing! Very impressed with ourselves, we went back and drank some more.

It took MC 2 days to realize that she had extra holes in her ears and it took her parents 2 weeks to figure it out. None of them was impressed. Heehee!!!!!!

Funny Stuff. But also one of those You-Had-To-Be-There... Stuff!


Simon said...

This is one of those stories that has an air of dreadful inevitability about it. It could have been worse though – I was expecting you to say it was the friends who did the ear-piercing with some unhygienic kitchen utensil.

Maryx said...

Thank Goodness it wasn't! Young and stupid... but not THAT stupid! =) hehe

Daffy said...

I have three holes in one ear and two in the other.

No I was not drunk when I did it.

For some reason I wanted it that way :O) Guess I wanted to be different.

Maryx said...

Oh of course Daffy... because you're not different enough as it is...

You Go Girl!

Tracie said...

That's some hangover if it takes you 2 days to feel the pain from a newly pierced ear. Either that or she was drunk that long. LOL

Maryx said...

Tracie - HAHA!! You're so right! Now that I think about it... Mmmmmmm! Quite Possibly!