Feb 22, 2010

Random & True Things About Me

I AM – funny, loyal, loud-mouth, shy, crazy; a dancer, reader, listener, patient, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, I am a daughter, an aunt, a confidant, a best friend. I am a fighter, a brunette, a lover, a nerd, a lasting impression. I am a stubborn ass, a smart ass, a cute ass, a pain in the ass. I am a cowgirl, a music fanatic, a writer. I am a wanderer, a homebody, a talker, a hermit. I am a port in life's storm, an unfinished story, a mystery. I am a winner, a loser, a sinner, a God-believer. I am a worker, a doer, an achiever, a promise-keeper. I am a vision, a horizon image, a last-minute decision. I am a life-saver, a traffic-stopper, a world-shaker. I am a quiet night, a warm smile, a spirit-lifter. I am a smoky fire, a wink of the eye, a home. And while I firmly believe I am a better me than anyone could ever be, why do I feel like the girl on bended knee that no one can see?

I HAVE – a strong urge to get back the body I had in high school. I’m doing Muaythai and my goal is getting nearer and nearer.

I WISH – Life could be easier… simpler.

I WANT – SO many things… and not enough time to write them down.

I FEAR – losing a loved one. That’s it. I DON’T fear death or any of the extreme things in this world. I only fear losing the people I love.

I HEAR – That I am a very strong person and can handle life’s storms. I hear that I am a great friend. I hear that I can anything I want to.

I WONDER – What will happen next...

I REGRET – not being stronger than I am already.

I LOVE – My family, my friends, My cat, Sleep, Reading, Writing, Art… And that’s just the tip of the ice berg! =)

I ALWAYShave to change any recipe I’m working on. I always open the doors wide and sniff the air when I see it’s raining. I love that smell! I always… try to be a better friend and person than you expect me to be. Although I have my faults…

I USUALLY – stop drinking when I feel tipsy… =)

I AM NOT – very proud of the things I have done in my past. But I’m working on my future. Everyday.

I SING – While driving… IF I’m alone.

I RARELY – get to do the things I want to do… =(

I NEVER – Want to regret living the life I’ve chosen…

I CRY – Rather easily. But always try my best to do it alone.

I AM NOT ALWAYS – appreciative of what I have. Patient. Stable.

I NEED – To make a decision and stick with it. I need to sleep. I need to be more positive. I need to lessen the drama in my life. I need to get rid of the bad stuff. I need to … (This could be a list. Like ‘I want’ and 'I love'.)

Feel free to add your own list!

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Andhari said...

I never want to regret the life I've chosen either. Beautiful words, girly. Cheers to that!

Maryx said...

Thank you Thank you *Bowing* =D