Feb 18, 2010

Memories: My First (and last) 5 - Star Hangover

On 31 March 2007 (Yes. Really.) newly single me decided it's a great idea to go out with friends and enjoy a couple of drinks. Relax you know? Seeing as I had a 21st party to go to at a local pub close to home, I figured it's perfect. I went to this pub with friends. I went home (got dropped off) by a very random guy I met that night. (No. Nothing happened... Okay Okay we kissed. But that's it). We danced. We drank a lot of random drinks. I listened to some very loud music (live band in small pub) and had some shooters I shouldn't have had. I might have even kissed the barman and danced with the drummer. Not too sure though. And as all parties go... I didn't get in bed early. At all. It ended up being 2am. Even my mother said so. She also said she HEARD me coming in... HAHA!!

The next day was Sunday... And what comes after 31 March? Yes. 1 April. Clever you. What happens on 1 April? April Fools. Yes. I made an April Fool out of MYSELF!!

I woke up that Sunday morning way too early, with my mother yelling at me to get up. Strike #1 - Don't yell at me. My head hurts enough as it is. We were going to Upperdeck. A crazy outdoor Restaurant and Pub in the Hartebeespoortdam Area not far from where we live. I walked out of my room, looking and feeling like a train ran over me in my sleep (Strike #2), plopped down on my mother's bed and groaned like a waterbufallo giving birth. She looks me up and down and sideways and proclaims, 'Either you lie to me or you tell the truth but either way you're in sh!t' ... What choice did I have? You don't know my mother! Be afraid be very afraid! I raised my head ever so slightly and admitted that Yes, I DO in fact have a BLOODY HANGOVER!!!

She calmly looks at me and tells me to get dressed for our day at Upperdeck... Wait. What?! Did you NOT just hear how I feel woman?! She doesn't care. My hangover. My problem. We made plans for Upperdeck 2 weeks ago and I HAVE TO be there. WTF?!?!?!?!

No Sympathy for Sissies. Now I know where I get it from.

So I dragged my half-drunk arse through the shower, plastered on some make-up and A LOT of deodorant etc because I was pretty sure I smelt like a Shebeen on my own. I got decently dressed and we left for Upperdeck. It was a Beautiful day outside. For the NOT-SO-HUNGOVER. The sun was shining. It was 34 degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky. Great. I slept all the way there. Obviously. Got there... we got a table close to the stage (Strike #3 - Loud Music) and everyone, obviously, ordered drinks. Mine? A Vicious peel-your-skin-off Bloody Mary. (Strike #4 - Vomit Worthy Drink).

A couple of hours (Well, maybe it just felt like hours I don't know) was spent wallowing in self-pity and burying myself in my mothers chest to get away from the Eisbein and Nachos and lovely food flavors wafting past me in every direction (Strike #5 - Food vs Stomach). At one stage my mother decides I feel better and she forces me to drink Tequila... which of course didn't go down well with me so I was forced to eat something and after that the drinking just carried on... I wasn't really given a choice. But also learned how to avoid a hangover - STAY DRUNK! LMAO!!!

Oh and another thing - My mother knew the band. So she went and asked them to dedicate a song to the girl at THAT table with her first hangover on April Fools!

OMG Mother?!?!?!

Embarrassment 101


Joseph said...

yes, all of us have to go through this "rite of passage"...I honestly can't even remember my first hangover, but I do remember a couple - wishing the world would just keep quiet!
Oh, I just completed a list of things that make the little ol' me...feel free to check it out and post one of your version ;) - here's the link: http://fiy3ro.com/2010/02/19/random-and-true-things-about-me/

Andhari said...

Haha I just think your mom's cool. Mine would have freaked because she wont allow me to drink even a drop :p

Maryx said...

Joseph - Yes well I guess you're right. You have to go through it sometime huh... haha!
Thanks for the link will be sure to work on one of my own.

Andhari - Well seeing as my mom can party WITH me I guess she IS cool! Heehee! I actually caught her coming home at 5am after a night of drinking and dancing. Not sober either... I gave her the speech a mother would give a teenager... Awesome! HAHA!! Will be sure to post that memory sometime. =)