Feb 3, 2010

The Box Elder Bug

Kenna moved her blog. You'd better go check her out. She's STILL very talented of course... This post just pulled on my heart strings. I have to share it. It's so important to remember what she says. Do share if you can =D


This morning, I went swimming.
And as I was swimming, I noticed a little box elder bug in the pool.
And you know when you can tell bugs are about to die?
Well this little box elder bug was about to die.
And I don't know what came over me.
I don't even like box elder bugs.
In fact I would usually happily welcome ones death.
In fact I would usually be an aid to ones death.
But this morning was different.
I picked up this sad little bug and I put it on the cement.
And I watched him.
It took him a good long while, but he finally got up.
His back legs were a little deformed, but he walked on.
And without even realizing it,
I noticed myself talking to the little guy.
I kept telling him he could do it, and that he could make it.
And I was so grateful that nobody walked in on me at that moment.
But my heart was beating for that little guy.
And I thought, I imagine that's how God must feel when he sees all of His children down here.
That's exactly how our parents must feel,
and our siblings, and our friends.
And our teachers, and our loved ones.
When life floods us and knocks us down,
when we can't get up,
and when we are bruised and bent and broken,
there are so many people waiting,
and watching to see us stand up again.
There are so many people cheering for us.
And me and that little box elder bug,
we had a very special little sentimental moment him and I.
And I have no idea if bugs can think or have feelings,
but I'm going to pretend that they do.
And I imagine that little bug thought he was done for,
I bet he thought he had nobody in the world cheering him on.
But this morning I realized that everyone has somebody.
And they are waiting to see us get up off the ground,
as broken as we may be,
dust ourselves off, and walk on.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Oh gosh I loved this. I don't like bugs either, hate them actually, but I often times find myself picking them up, helping them in their time of need and waiting and watching to see if they will move on...

I wish more people out in the world did this, for bugs, people, everyone and everything...:)

Raj said...

that was awesome. seriously. thansk for sharing maryx.

Maryx said...

So True Hillbilly!

Great pleasure Raj!