Apr 14, 2010

Thoughtful Question #2

ThoughtQuestions.com have a few very thoughtful questions... obviously... hence the name. I have taken it upon myself to ponder the questions they put out there. One by one.

To me or to the whole world? I don't reach a lot of people with the meaningful things I do. I try to reach the people closest to me. Or myself. Lately... I have started studying. Which is a big thing for me. I went to a Godfather Themed Birthday Party and it turned out absolutely awesome and worth remembering for a whole bunch of people. Including myself. Obviously.

I clearly have to work on the 'worth remembering' part of my life... There are small things, as I said. But nothing spectacular. But that's normal right? I do hope so.

Have YOU done anything worth remembering lately?


Andhari said...

What a question. Worth remembering is a big deal. To me, I've tried to fix my past mistakes and slack ups but to the world? I don't think I've done anything. Should change that.

Maryx said...

I realize not everyone can make a difference... but hey - everyone's worth remembering right?